Experience true transformation with

Spiritual  Life Coaching!

Spiritual Life Coaching is a powerful form of life coaching that touches all dimensions of YOU and your life mind/body/spirit.

It is a unique holistic approach that connects you to your unique essence.

Together, we will unlock your true potential by identifying barriers, smashing limiting beliefs, reaching goals, and exploring spiritual practices that support YOU!

It is your purposeful path to experience true transformations, to feel empowered as you step into your own truths, and is essential to create the life YOU love by unleashing your true potential!

With a Coach supporting you,

you will have access to the ultimate self-development journey!

As a woman, you deserve to feel great about your self and your life! As your Spiritual Life Coach, I can help you to create the life you love with my unique perspective on mental/emotional wellness, physical health, and spiritual development!

It’s always fun to connect with like minded ladies, besides, us women should stick together, encourgae and uplift eachother! To ensure you receive what you are looking for AND what you need, we should be sure that we are a good fit for each other before you commit to anything! You should know, I am not for everyone…

So tell me this, are you an ambitious woman, one of nature’s nurturers??

Do you feel like a hot mess most days?!

Let me guess, you often feel depressed, tired, regularly stressed, and overwhelmed!? You feel like the never-ending cleaning, wiping bums, and battling attitudes is all there is while you are drowning in your to-do list, laundry piles and let’s not forget about “all the things” you feel you should be doing!?

I hear you… you are feeling confused by of all the noise of the good ole’ internet. You have probably filled your inbox with subscriptions to freebies and read a bunch of blogs that tell you conflicting information about what to do. Would you rather do things your own way!?

I know you are exhausted and tired of hearing the opinions of others trying to dictate who you are, how you live YOUR life or how to care for YOUR family. That’s the last thing you need!! You just want to feel like you have a direction and to know that you are supported in your decisions, am I right?

You, my friend, need to experience joy in your life again… to know you have an identity that isn’t relying solely on coffee, netflix and being in your pajamas everyday! You are ready for things to change so you can be happier, feel more fulfilled and even just be healthier because deep down you know the things you are eating (and doing) aren’t serving ya!

10 years ago, I was right there too. I had 3 kids under 5, my marriage was failing, I didn’t know who I was, and I felt like a failure because my life seemed to be falling apart around me BUT I promise there is a light in your tunnel and it doesn’t have to take years for you to find your way.

Now, I am going to ask you to close your eyes for just a moment and take a deep breath… ahhh…. let it go and tell yourself that it’s normal to feel this way, because I promise that you are not alone!

You are in the right place!

Book a 30-minute Coffee-Chat Consultation so you can get started.

A few of the things I can help you with include…

  • Breaking free from depression so you can see life through a different lens, experience joy and have fun in life again!
  • Connecting with who YOU are beyond wife, maid, and referee! Those may be part of you but not all of your beautiful self!
  • Discover your purpose & craft your life vision so you can have more clarity about what you are doing & where you are going!
  • Prevent & manage stress us women can be emotional, we all are our own worst enemy, and can struggle with boundaries!
  • Tame the overwhelm by establishing routines for holistic self-care & household management!
  • Explore your spirituality in a way that is comfortable for you, this is about connecting to something bigger than yourself and managing your energy! No feeling pushed into any religious preferences or “woo-woo” practices!
  • Get a better quality of sleep, have more energy, manage your weight-loss goals and prevent and/or manage dis-ease so you can bring your dreams into your reality!
  • Nurture the relationships that mean the most to you so you can feel fulfilled, confident, and equipped for anything life throws at you!

Explore the 7 Dimensions of Holistic Wellness!

Spiritual | Intellectual | Emotional | Physical | Social | Occupational | Environmental

My Philosophy

I believe in… keepin’ it real! Being transparent and friendly. Non-judgmentally holding space, truly listening and keeping an open-mind. Asking lots of questions and sharing actionable recommendations. Mutual curiosity, collaboration and co-creation. Honest feedback, compassion, and accountability. Applying proven strategies and tools. Confidentiality and consistently showing up for the process.

My areas of focus include mental/emotional wellness, physical health, and spiritual development as I feel these are the “root cause” of the variety of symptoms you are facing.  They are the most important areas to address as women, homemakers, mommas, and nature’s nurturers. Together, we will be setting goals and overcoming challenges using a holistic (whole-person) approach to explore the delicate balance within your beautiful & dimensional Self. You can read more about me HERE and about my approach to coaching HERE

Let’s crush your goals and create a life you love!

My vision for our time together…

We both are dedicated to your success! I am here to share information + resources while offering support & accountability BUT it’s up to YOU to take action. I promise that just by being committed while taking intentional action, your results will be incredible! I always encourage you to practice Awareness + Intentions + Mindfulness to “A.I.M. for your essence!” My hope is that you will feel more connected to WHO you are, that you will feel empowered to take the steps you need to create the life you love, that you begin to nurture & love yourself mind/body/spirit, have courage to choose faith over fear and remember learn from life. I challenge you to choose purpose over procrastination and progress over perfection because YOU DESERVE IT!

My services + How it works…

* Please know that I am currently redefining my offers and am dedicated to making them more affordable!! There will soon be a Scholarship Opportunity (that you can use again & again!) Add-Ons for extra support when you need it, discounts for renewals, access to a Mastermind Coaching Community and MORE!!

A Discovery Session is a great place to start!

The Discovery Session is 30 minute complimentary call to learn a little about each other!  You can ask me any questions that you have, share your current struggles, and explore your options to see if we are a good fit for each other before you commit to anything!

If you decide to work together, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need!

Are you ready for true transformations in your life??

I highly recommend working together for at least 6 weeks for you to start seeing sustainable transformations! Weekly Sessions and 90 minute Intensives are available as well if you would like to add additional Sessions at anytime.

Why do I suggest this? Because lasting & sustainable change takes both time and discipline, creating a new habit takes at least 21 consecutive days… even Rome wasn’t built in a day! We will be getting to the core of what is holding you back.

Our meetings take place via video meeting in Zoom, they are recorded so we each may review them as needed. I feel being able to see each other makes it a more personal experience! Upon signing up and receiving your payment, you will be emailed a digital Welcome Packet containing your next steps and any forms needed such as the Coaching Agreement. You will also be provided with a private “Coaching Room” in Skype where you can contact me outside of your Sessions and access all your resources & materials!

Ready to get moving forward??

I offer a few options so we can find what feels good for YOU and your budget!

*Packages offer a bundle of sessions to use as you’d like.

*Programs are dedicated to a specific mission in your personal development journey, as well as, Group Coaching opportunities when available.


This is a space for you to share your thoughts, tackle your troubles, get a different perspective about the situation. Together we can explore your options and create your plan of action for what is overwhelming you most right now!

$580 $420

Sacred Self-Care

Let’s clear some clutter, breakthrough your barriers and create the space you need to feel more empowered in your life again!

$580 $420

Weightloss & Wellness

A holistic approach to dropping those unwanted pounds! Available LIVE every Spring

$580 $420

Returning Clients
Receive ongoing support after you complete a Program!
Current Client Add-On's
Get more support whenever you need along the way!

Not sure what to choose?

A Coffee-Chat Consultation is your answer… We can get to know each other and explore your options!

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