~Detoxification and cleansing are terms often used interchangeably but ultimately they mean to rid the mind, body, spirit, and environment of harmful toxins! Our bodies are naturally transferring and working to eliminate toxins every second of the day.

~Regular detoxification is essential to maintaining health and wellness, although it does take a lot of energy for our bodies to work through this process so support via hydration, whole-foods and adequate sleep is highly recommended!

~There is a variety of Detox Protocols for our bodies such as Fasting, Juicing, Seasonal Cleanses, Organ-specific Cleanses, Heavy Metal and Parasite Cleanses, Monthly Cleanses and Daily Cleansing through a high vegetable diet and 12-hour Fasting.

~As far as Mind, Body, Spirit, and Environment cleansing… it depends on your coach/guide or mentors methods of natural health & healing.

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Welcome to my little corner of the net!

Welcome to my little corner of the net!

Hello ladies!

How's it going? I'm Betty, but friends call me Betty Sue. As a fellow homemaker, I am traveling alongside you while we strive to live a holistic & more natural lifestyle. I survive on faith, family & friends, good coffee, and living books... I am kind of a self-development junkie! lol I love to help other women achieve the quality of life they desire for themselves AND their loved ones! I am able to do this with the Blog, Coaching Services, and our 'living list' of Resources. *Click the pic to learn more about me...*

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