Let’s help each other to grow and impact the lives of others for the better!

I love to support  fellow  Mompreneurs & Small  Businesses!

Living Wellnessence is dedicated to inspiring and supporting women.

All homemakers, moms, & caregivers deserve to experience a life they truly love through journeys within holistic self-development, choosing “Faith over fear!” & “Progress over perfection!”

If you are a fellow Mompreneur or a Small Business that is aligned with our audience, I would love to have you as a Contributor on Living Wellnessence.


Why should you contribute?

  1.  Sharing is caring!  By sharing your knowledge, insights, and resources you could have a part in changing the lives of thousands of people who need some support/guidance in their life! Plus, I personally have a goal to impact the lives of thousands of women & families… by inviting you into my little corner of the net, I am able to do that even more… Thank you!
  2. Exposure – For a beginning bloggers, Mompreneurs, & small businesses, building both an authentic readership and customer base can be a challenge. It’s tough when no one knows who you are…plus it takes time! Writing for LivingWellnessence.com will allow you to reach thousands of new readers and gain some visibility! We gotta stick together!
  3. Links/Traffic – When you contribute a Blog Post, you’ll receive credit and a byline with a link to your site. If you choose to become a Featured Company, you will also be added to the “Featured Directory” found on our Resources page. This will send you a healthy dose of traffic and PageRank!

Contributor Guidelines

I aim to prepare these a couple of months in advance… so you will want to keep that in mind when applying. There may be a specific month or seasonal promotion you have in mind. I also try to consider themes each month but you are always welcome to share outside of those, they can be helpful to brainstorm ideas for content! Our monthly themes are:

January=Mindfulness | February=Relationships | March=Growth | April=Nature | May=Simplicity | June=Lifestyle | July=Curiosity | August=Frugality | September=Preparedness | October=Balance | November=Gratitude  | December=Awareness

  • Minimum of 800-1000 words, although 1200+ is preferred.
  • Content must be your original that you still hold all rights to. (Please don’t submit articles that summarize or repeat another source)
  • Your content should be SEO optimized (without keyword stuffing!)
  • You must agree that your article is unique. It cannot be duplicated on any other sites including your own, and while the content remains yours, you are granting us the right to keep it on this site, I prefer you share it from here.
  • I ask that you share & tag Betty/Living Wellnessence on least one social media platform on publishing day. (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Affiliate links are not allowed but linkbacks to your other articles on your website are ok.
  • Submission should include a profile picture, a short BIO with url, and up to 3 social media profiles.
  • You are welcome to provide multiple graphics for Pinterest if desired. (If not, I may decide to create some…)
  • Please ensure that your content has been proofread. Betty has the rights to edit any submissions as needed.
  • If you’re sending a completed article… Complete the application below, as well as, paste it into the body of your email or as a Google Doc with a shareable link (but not as a document file). Submissions must be sent to betty@livingwellnessence.com 
  • If you’re pitching a post, please share an outline your basic ideas below with your application. Please also include details of your Blog, Social Media, and other publishing links.

  • Contributor Post Topics should fall under these categories: (including the themes from above)
    • Holistic Living
    • Women’s Health & Wellness
    • Natural Living / Natural Alternatives
    • Nutritional
    • Homemaking
    • Parenting
    • Budgeting or Planning
    • DIY
    • Personal Development / Self Improvement

Featured Companies

  • I ask that you submit a Blog Post to share during your Featured Month, although it is not required.
  • Featured Companies must also abide by the Contributor Guidelines as stated above.
  • All companies should be run by a Mompreneur and are to be considered a Small Business.
  • The company must have a similar audience to Living Wellnessence. (Women, Moms, Homemakers, and Caregivers)
  • All natural products are definitely preferred but I am willing to consider others that are very close to that, as long as you disclose that it is not completely natural.
  • The Featured area has space for 1 main (large) image. You are also able to highlight 3 things about your business whether they are products, services, your own affiliate program, or opportunities to work from home.
  • You can view the Featured page to see what it looks like!

Apply here!

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