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Essential Oils

True, unadulterated Essential Oils have been scientifically proven to be anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, antiparasitic, and truly life enhancing in every way!*

Essential Oils are a safer and more effective alternative to the use of toxic home cleaners, disinfectants, dangerous over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions and in some cases may even eliminate the need for antibiotic products.* Fun and easy to work with, they are anti-infectious, preventative, and promote physical and psychological well-being.*







*Remember- Essential Oils are not meant to replace proper medical care!

Essential Oils are very powerful and highly concentrated and should only be used in very small amounts. Before using an Essential Oil, become familiar with its properties, method of application, toxicity, precautions, and contraindications.

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The use of essential oils is becoming more widely accepted in the Veterinary world!

The use of Essential Oils and aromatherapy falls within the integrative medicine category and is gaining popularity and acceptance among animal practitioners of all types due to the gentleness, and superior results physically, emotionally, and energetically; all while being safe when used as directed.

CAUTION:  EO’s should never be given to pets internally! It is recommended to be sure rooms with diffusers are properly ventilated, preferably while the cat is not present, as they have highly sensitive metabolic systems. Do not use with fish and reptiles-pH levels & aquatic environment; birds-  respiratory & metabolic systems; or rodents- not sufficient studies to prove safety.


The use of herbs has been the traditional way of healing, for thousands of years before the last century. They played a major role in day-to-day life, not only for culinary purposes but also aromatherapy & a vast range of healing methods, ceremonies and rituals. Only during the last 100 yrs has mankind synthetically produced medicines and attempted to replicate the therapeutics qualities of plants found all over the world.

Always seek the guidance of your healthcare provider and/or a reputable source, certified herbalist or aromatherapist, especially if currently taking prescription meds, are pregnant or nursing.

Although, generally considered safe…Please do your research as bio-individuality, as well as varying influences & conditions, will affect everyone differently. Some herbs will alter the effectiveness/absorption of medications, in some cases, causing serious reactions. Herbs are not a one-for-all solution, keep safety first for yourself, for your children and for your pets!

Here is a great resource, take a look!

What is an herb?

An herb is defined as any plant or plant part that is used for its therapeutic/medicinal value, scent, flavor or dietary benefits.

Herbalism is both an art and a science. The study and integration of herbs for promoting health, preventing, alleviating and treating illness or dis-ease is applied by an Herbalist; which is someone who has dedicated their studies to learning about and working with medicinal herbs, as well as, traditional remedies.

You may be most familiar with the herbs and spices used in the kitchen, or even some “folk remedies” used by your grandmother!



Starting your Natural Medicine Apothecary at home

The word Apothecary originates in Middle English apothecarie, from Medieval Latin apothecarius, from Late Latin, shopkeeper, from Latin apotheca “storehouse”, from Greek apothēkē, from apo tithenai to “to put away”. Includes a wide variety of therapeutic/medicinal tinctures, salves, teas, poultices etc… Nature’s Remedies!

Oil Of The Month Club


The goDésana Oil of The Month ClubTM is a simple, affordable, and fun way of building your very own Stillroom Collection of independently tested pure Essential Oils.

Each month focuses on a different theme, and each month’s collection has been carefully selected by our exclusive in-house purveyor and formulator, Alexandria Brighton, and chosen exclusively for its usefulness in your Stillroom arsenal.

Participating in the Oil Of The Month ClubTM is fun and easy. Simply enroll once, choosing your level of participation (Intro, Basics or Favorites), and then each following month you’ll receive that month’s selection of Stillroom Essential Oils, when your order exceeds $100 you will also receive the featured “Try Me” product!

The information provided has not been evaluated by the FDA & does not claim to treat, diagnose or cure diseases.

Please see our Medical Disclaimer!

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