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Hey there, I’m  Betty

Founder, Creator, and Blogger of Living Wellnessence aka Betty Sue, Aunt B, & Coach B!

I aim to share my own journeys within living more holistic + natural while supporting you within your own unique journeys because we ALL are capable & deserving of achieving the quality of life we desire for ourselves and our loved ones… Let’s do it together?!

I work with fellow women, homemakers, and caregivers to create a life they love through self-development and spiritual explorations. Women who want to learn to live more holistic and more naturally!

I absolutely love to connect with women who are seeking truth, support and accountability to create transformations within themselves, their life, their health, and their wellness.

 We ALL fall “off the wagon” at times… What matters is that we love ourselves! What matters is that we stay committed to our journey! What matter is that we get back up each of those times with a strong compassion and new understanding!

  • I share insights and understanding found, not only within my faith but from my years of delving into personal development and natural living. My studies have introduced me to a variety of philosophies, religions, and perspectives which is why I choose to live my life with a holistic perspective, and to integrate more natural alternatives/methods that are both synergizing and scientifically validated although ancestral and traditional.
  • Together, we grow your Essence, conquer new territories and learn to love ourselves with strength and compassion each step along the way! By simply presenting you with information, ideas, and inspiration within a safe space you can begin to raise your awareness which allows you to step into your power, embrace your capabilities, and restore your hopes of achieving the quality of life you both desire and you deserve through sustainable habit and lifestyle changes!
  • I encourage you to ditch the shame, guilt and negative self-talk; lose the dogmas of religion, labels, diets, the one size fits all approaches; tune out the confusing noise and to truly live a life filled with spirituality, vitality and intention. Together we begin to harmonize the dimensions of wellness in a way that feels right for you!

Having a mentor or Coach throughout your Journey will prove to be an outstanding addition and defining asset in your success as we were created with the need for community and connection, the desire to be supported and loved and the need for a safe space to flourish!

As your faith-based Holistic Wellness Coach & Spiritual Development Mentor, 

I help you to explore your self-awareness to discover your unique essence!

Faith, family, and passion is why all of this has come to be!

My amazing husband,


He is my lover, my best friend… My rock and my teammate for life!

He has truly inspired me to be the best I can be while wholeheartedly supporting me every step of the way.

And our 3 beautiful blessings

“CJ” the artist,


“D-Man” the equipment operator,


“Sweetpea” the veterinarian!

~ My Vision + Mission ~

I hold a truly transformational vision that aims to educate, empower, and support thousands of women who are looking to achieve a better quality of life for both themselves and their loved ones!

Our holistic approach means we consider all 7 Dimensions of Wellness to help you feel better, find true happiness and experience more fulfillment while living more naturally!

My Story…

Personally, I have always found a sense of wonder and enjoyment by being in nature!  I love to explore, understand and to be out in it! (Please don’t get me wrong… I’m not a fitness buff lol) But my sense of curiosity supported the feeling I had deep within that there was something bigger and more powerful than us. None of this really came in to play until I was about 20 yrs. old. Like many of you, I began to feel worn down, lost and overwhelmed as a young wife and a stay at home mom along with everything it entailed.

I desperately wanted to truly nurture my relationships with my husband and children, to give my family the best quality of life in both health and happiness. We started experiencing different trials that life can throw at ya and we found ourselves trying to navigate through various health concerns.

So I began questioning and actively seeking better ways to approach the stress, the confusion and the unknown in caring for these treasured roles God had blessed me with. Through LOTS of research, experimenting and dedication I found my path in life… my purpose!

Guess what…my Journey into Holistic Wellness began with ME! Since then I have committed myself to being a student of life, to growth and to exploration. It has been the best investment I could have made and worth every minute, even through the ups and downs and I have been blessed with the opportunities to share this Journey with others.

I would love to hear where you are in your personal Journey and how I can support your unique life transformations more naturally!

Awareness +  Intentions +  Mindfulness

= the way to your unique essence!

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