Are you ready to create a life you love while living more naturally?

Living Wellnessence is the path to creating the best version of yourself because you deserve to experience more happiness & better health in a way that’s right for YOU and your loved ones!


I’m Betty, founder & creator of Living Wellnessence! I am here to be your friend, teacher, guide, cheerleader and your coach… wherever you may need me. I love to connect with fellow holistic homemakers!

I am a homeschoolin’ momma who is happily married to the best man in the world, Andrew. Seriously he is my rock, my best friend and my biggest supporter! Together we team up to raise our 3 beautiful children “Angel”, “D-Man”, and “Sweet Pea” …plus a couple of fur-babies! Our family never underestimates the power of a dirt road, some tunes, and a swimming hole. LOL

I survive on coffee, good books, and sunshine. Homemaking & self-development are my passions which led me to create Living Wellnessence as a way to inspire others, to empower women and create my impact in the world while helping to support my family how I can.

I truly believe that every woman is 100% enough,

100% worthy, and 100% capable of living a life they love!

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself and my goal is to help you create a life you love so you to can experience better health, wellness, and happiness!

XX  Betty Sue

Let's embark on these journeys together!


Women are nature’s nurturers!

We have endless to-do lists, a spouse to love & children to raise! We even have aging parents, immediate family or sickly friends to care for…

There will always be appointments to make, bills to pay, meals to plan, and laundry to put away We have homes to make! Some of us even have businesses to run with the littles underfoot!

Yup… vocations, or roles, to fulfill, relationships to consider… AND we have ourselves!

Each of these need to be thoughtfully & intentionally nurtured!

While we can’t feel great all the time, and we can’t always control our circumstances… we CAN make choices that bring us closer to our goals, we CAN keep moving forward!

Caring for YOU mind, body, AND spirit is essential to having a fulfilling life filled with health, happiness, and success!

—> It is time to crush those goals you have had but didn’t achieve!

—> It is time to finally feel better and take control of your health!

—>It is time for making those lasting transformations you want so badly!

It is time you commit to YOU!


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~Reconnect with who YOU are!

~Embrace your vocations (or roles) in life!

~Prevent and manage stress + emotions!

~Get a better quality of sleep!

~Have more energy!

~Have more fulfilling relationships!

~Establish better routines!

~Learn to explore & nourish your Self

~Mind, Body, Spirit, Environment!

~Bring your dreams into reality…


Here are some ways you can get started!

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Our Mission

Living Wellnessence aims to educate, empower and support women looking to achieve a better quality of life for both themselves and their loved ones. Our holistic approach means we consider all 7 Dimensions of Wellness to help you feel better, find true happiness and experience more fulfillment while living more naturally!

Awareness + Intention + Mindfulness = YOU

"A.I.M. for YOUR essence!"


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